The Y Combinator Demo Days for the S15 class are on Tues Aug 18 2015 and Wed Aug 19 2015.

So we made a new list of YC startups. Specifically, classes S14 and beyond.

"If you’ve worked at a YC company, and get a good recommendation from the founder of that company, we’ll give your YC application extra consideration. References are very helpful in any decision about who to work with—there’s so much value in understanding how someone performs and improves over years on a job." Sam Altman, President at Y Combinator

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Name Jobs Product Tags Size Openings Location
80000 Hours Non-profit :) 80,000 Hours Helps Top Graduates Choose Careers That Matter S15 1-10 0 Oxford, UK
Afrostream Afrostream Makes It Easy To Find And Watch African And African-American Movies S15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
AppCanary Every Day There's A New Zero-Day. appCanary Makes Sure Your Company Is Safe S15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
Auro Robotics Auro Robotics Makes Autonomous Shuttles For Getting Around On Campus S15 1-10 5 Mountain View, CA
BistroBot BistroBot is a robot that automatically creates a sandwich with multiple toppings like Hummus, Nutella, peanut butter, and so on. S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Bitcodin bitcodin Encodes Videos 100X Faster, At Netflix-Grade Streaming Quality S15 1-10 0 Santa Cruz, CA
Bizzy Bizzy Helps E-Commerce Brands Send Fewer, Better Emails S15 1-10 4 San Francisco, CA
BlueCrew BlueCrew Provides On-Demand Staff With The Stability Of Full-Time Employment S15 1-10 0 Palo Alto, CA
Bodyport A smart scale that measures your heart disease risks S15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
Branch8 Branch8 Helps Merchants Sell Across Asia's Many E-Commerce Platforms S15 1-10 0 San Jose, CA
Call9 Call9 Provides An ER Doctor To Assist In A Medical Emergency Within 1 Minute S15 1-10 0 Palo Alto, CA
Captain401 Captain401 Makes It Easy For Any Company To Have A 401k Program S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
CareLedger CareLedger Helps Companies Give Their Employees Free, Top-Quality Healthcare S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Chaldal Chaldal Powers Grocery Delivery For One Of The Densest Countries In The World S15 1-10 0 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Circle Medical Circle Medical Brings A Full Service Medical Practice To You S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Click & Grow Click & Grow Lets You Grow An Indoor Garden With Zero Effort S15 1-10 0 Palo Alto, CA
Cofactor Genomics Cofactor Genomics Is Studying RNA Testing To Diagnose Diseases Earlier S15 1-10 1 Saint Louis, Missouri
Convox Convox Makes It Easier For Companies To Use AWS S15 1-10 0 Atlanta, GA
Cymmetria Cymmetria Uses Virtual Machines To Decoy And Detect Hackers S15 1-10 0 Israel
Drip Capital Drip Capital Lends Small Businesses The Money They Need To Grow S15 1-10 0 Sunnyvale, CA
Eden Eden Launches To Offer On-Demand Electronics Repair And Installation S15 1-10 3 San Francisco, CA
Fonticons From The Makers Of Font Awesome, Fonticons Helps You Build A Beautiful Website S15 1-10 0 Cambridge, MA
Foxpass Foxpass Allows Any Company To Have Advanced Server And Network Security S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Gemnote Gemnote Launches To Give Corporate Gifts A Personal Touch S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
GetScale GetScale Gives Hardware Companies Real-Time Quality Control For Their Factories S15 1-10 0 Redwood City, CA
Gigster Gigster Hires An Elite Engineering Team For Your Software Project In Minutes S15 1-10 3 San Francisco, CA
GiveCampus GiveCampus Is A Crowdfunding Platform For College Donors S15 1-10 5 Washington, DC
Go1 Go1 Takes The Pain Out Of Company Onboarding And Compliance Training S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
GrowSumo GrowSumo Helps Companies Create And Manage Partner Programs S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Her Her Launches Its Women-Only Dating App Throughout The United States S15 1-10 0 London, England
Hickory Hickory Helps Employees Retain What They Learn During Training S15 1-10 1 NYC
Instant eSports Instant eSports Is ESPN for Competitive Gaming S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Instawork Instawork Is The LinkedIn For Recruiting And Hiring At Small Businesses S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Interviewed Interviewed Takes The Guesswork Out Of Evaluating Potential Hires S15 1-10 0 San Francisco
Ironclad Ironclad Is An App That Manages Legal Paperwork For Companies S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Ixchel Scientific Ixchel Scientific Can Predict How The Human Body Will React To Cancer Drugs S15 1-10 1 San Jose, CA
Jopwell Jopwell Helps Tech Companies Recruit And Hire More Diverse Candidates S15 1-10 1 NYC
Klarismo Klarismo Uses 3D Scanning To Make A Model Of The Inside Of Your Body S15 1-10 1 San Francisco, CA
L. L. Is A Condom Subscription Service To Make Safe Sex A Global Human Right S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Leada Leada Helps Professors Teach The Most In-Demand Data Science Skills S15 1-10 0 Berkeley, CA Is Twitch For Coding S15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
Locent Locent Is An E-Commerce Platform That's Powered Entirely By Text Messages S15 1-10 0 Santa Monica, CA
Luna Luna Is A High Tech Mattress Cover That Turns Any Bed Into A 'Smart Bed' S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Maderight Maderight Makes It Simple To Source Ethical Factories Worldwide S15 1-10 0 San Mateo, CA
Markhor Markhor Makes Handcrafted Luxury Shoes For Half The Price Of Top Brands S15 1-10 2 Lahore, Pakistan
MicroHealth MicroHealth Helps Manage Treatment For Patients With Chronic Illnesses S15 1-10 0 Spain
Mimir Mimir Wants To Help Colleges Create Better Software Engineers S15 1-10 0 West Lafayette, IN
Nebia Y Combinator, Tim Cook Back Nebia, A Shower That Uses 70% Less Water S15 1-10 6 San Francisco, CA
New Story Non profit :) New Story Crowdfunds Houses For Homeless Families S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Ohm Ohm Is Making A Lighter, Longer-Lasting, And Better-Performing Car Battery S15 1-10 0 San Jose, CA
OnboardIQ OnboardIQ Helps Companies Screen And Hire Their Workforces S15 1-10 2 San Francisco, CA
Oolu Oolu Supplies Affordable Solar Energy To Off-Grid Villages In West Africa S15 1-10 0 Dakar, Senegal
Paribus Paribus Gets You Money Back When Stuff You've Bought Goes On Sale S15 1-10 0 Brooklyn, New York
PickTrace PickTrace Helps Farms Pay Their Workers Accurately And Fairly S15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
Plate IQ Plate IQ Helps Restaurants Bring Their Finances Into The Digital Age S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
PlateJoy PlateJoy Delivers Fresh Food To Help You Meet Your Weight Loss And Health Goals S15 1-10 7 San Francisco, CA
Prayas Analytics Prayas Analytics Powers A/B Testing For Brick And Mortar Stores S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
ROSS Intelligence Powered By IBM Watson, ROSS Intelligence Is Like Siri For Legal Knowledge S15 1-10 0 Palo Alto, CA
Roomblocker Roomblocker Makes Booking Hotels For Groups And Events A Snap S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Saida Saida Helps People In Emerging Markets Get Credit Through Their Mobile Phones S15 1-10 0 Kenya
Scentbird Scentbird Is A Subscription Sampling Of Luxury Fragrances For Women & Men S15 1-10 0 NYC
ScopeAR ScopeAR Helps Fix Complex Mechanical Problems Remotely Using Augmented Reality S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Second Measure Second Measure Lets Investors Know How Private And Public Companies Are Really Doing S15 1-10 0 San Mateo, CA
Serica Financial backbone for the cannabis industry S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Seva Coffee A roasting machine with unroasted cofee beans S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Shotput Shotput Is Like AWS For Warehousing And Fulfillment S15 1-10 0 Palo Alto, CA
Shred Video Shred Video Instantly Turns Raw GoPro Video Into A Cinema-Quality Sports Movie S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
SourceDNA SourceDNA Helps Developers Make Their Apps Faster, Better, And More Secure S15 1-10 1 Oakland, CA
StyleBee StyleBee Sends Beauty And Grooming Services To You Anytime, Anywhere S15 1-10 0 Los Angeles, CA
Sywork Sywork Is The Twitch For Illustrators And Artists S15 1-10 0 California City, California
Tab Let merchants in developing nations accept credit card payments S15 1-10 0 CA
TeaBot teaBOT Makes Customized Cups Of Tea With The Touch Of A Button S15 1-10 0 Toronto, ON
Tenant Turner Tenant Turner Helps Property Owners Quickly Fill Vacancies With Qualified Renters S15 1-10 3 Richmond, Virginia
Tesorio Discounts for paying vendor invoices faster S15 1-10 0 Philadelphia, PA
TetraScience TetraScience Sends Data From Scientific Instruments Directly To The Web S15 1-10 4 Cambridge, MA
The Ticket Fairy The Ticket Fairy Helps Event Organizers Fill More Seats S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Transcend Lighting Transcend Makes Super Efficient LED Lights For The Indoor Farms Of The Future S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Traversal Networks Traversal Networks installs appliances to monitor networks for malicious activity. S15 1-10 0 CA
Triplebyte Triplebyte is launching a common application to apply for a job at any YC startup. S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
VOIQ VOIQ Provides Companies With Call Center Services On-Demand S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Verge Genomics Verge Genomics Uses Algorithms To Find Drugs For Brain Diseases 1000X Faster S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Vernox Labs Vernox Labs Uses Predictive Analysis To Help Construction Projects Actually Finish On Time S15 1-10 0 Berkeley, CA
Vest Protected investments for everyone S15 1-10 0 McLean, VA
Wheelys Cafe Wheely's Makes Beautifully Designed Bicycle-Powered Cafés S15 1-10 0 Sweden
Willing Willing Is The Simplest Way To Plan For The Inevitable S15 1-10 0 NYC
Xendit Xendit Is Bringing Peer-To-Peer Mobile Money Transfers To Indonesia S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Xfers Xfers Wants To Be The Go-To Payment Platform For South East Asia S15 1-10 0 Singapore
Zeplin Zeplin Helps Designers And Developers Speak The Same Language S15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA

Name Jobs Product Tags Size Openings Location
20n Producing Valuable Chemicals From Genetically Modified Organisms. W15 1-10 5 Seattle, WA
Akido Labs A Standard API For Healthcare. W15 1-10 0 Los Angeles, CA
AnalyticsMD Air Traffic Control For Healthcare. W15 10-50 2 Palo Alto, CA
Atomwise Atomwise predicts potential drug cures with the use of supercomputers, artificial intelligence and a specialized algorithm. W15 1-10 2 San Francisco, CA
Automate Ads (Formerly Kuhcoon) Automated Facebook ad campaigns for small businesses W15 1-10 0 Palo Alto, CA
Bagaveev Corporation Building rockets specifically to launch nanosatellites. 1/100th the size of a standard ground-to-orbit rocket. Promises to launch 50 rockets per year. W15 1-10 0 San Mateo, CA
BankJoy Mobile Banking For Credit Unions. W15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
Bluesmart Suitcases with built-in 3G, GPS and a rechargeable battery to charge your devices. W15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
Bonfire Full-Service Request For Proposal Management W15 1-10 0 Kitchener, ON
Booktrope Collaborative book making, helping writers work with their editors, artists, etc. A built-in team building tool helps authors find people to help them. W15 50-200 0 Seattle, WA
Bright Bright applies a model similar to Solar City to the developing world, bringing solar power and lower-priced electricity to those who need it. W15 10-50 0 San Francisco, CA
BuildScience BuildScience regulates heating and lighting for office buildings using a real-time software platform W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Chariot Chariot crowdsources and operates transit routes faster and more reliable than public transit and more affordable than taxis and ridesharing W15 10-50 2 San Francisco, CA
Cinder A smart grill. You tell it how you like your steak, it cooks it precisely and texts you when it's done. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Cleanly Laundry pickup/delivery in NYC W15 1-10 3 New York, NY
CloudMedx Collects patient data from different hospital sources in real-time to generate meaningful insights for better patient care. W15 1-10 0 Palo Alto, CA
CribSpot College Rental Marketplace. W15 1-10 5 Detroit, MI
Dealyze White-label customer loyalty programs. Think something like FiveStar, but customized and themed to your business. W15 10-50 0 Orlando, FL
DemocracyOS They develop a user-friendly, open-source, vote and debate tool, crafted for parliaments, parties. W15 10-50 0 Palo Alto, CA
Detroit Water Project Help families in Detroit pay their unpaid water bills. Aims to grow to eight more cities by Thanksgiving. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Diassess Rapid DNA test. is creating rapid, disposable DNA testing. W15 1-10 0 Emeryville, NY
DroneBase On-Demand Drone Services W15 1-10 0 Santa Monica, CA
EBrandValue Real-Time Nielsen Ratings For Brands. W15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
EquipmentShare Airbnb for Construction Equipment. W15 10-50 0 Columbia, MO
Final Secure Credit Card W15 1-10 5 Mountain View, CA
GitLab Like GitHub, but you can run it on your own servers. W15 10-50 6 San Francisco, CA
GiveMeTap Buy a water bottle, and they give someone in Africa “5 years of clean drinking water W15 1-10 0 London, UK
Giveffect The company builds software for nonprofits, wanting to become the “donate” button for the world. W15 1-10 6 Mountain View, CA
Gradberry Gradberry is a software engineer recommendation platform that helps the hiring manager asses engineering skills. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Groupahead Gives groups of any size their own membership-based mobile application. The company charges on a subscription basis for its service. Groupahead cited frats and yacht clubs as potential user scenarios. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
GrubMarket Online Farmer's Market W15 1-10 0 Newark, CA
HigherMe Helps employers and employees source and fill hourly jobs W15 1-10 0 Boston, MA
Industrial Microbes Industrial Microbes uses the much cheaper natural gas to convert substances. By lowering the cost, it could be used to make biodegradable plastics and other materials. W15 1-10 0 Emeryville, CA
InsiteVR Helps you easily view a 3D model in virtual reality W15 1-10 0 New York, NY
Instavest Collaborative Investing W15 1-10 2 Mountain View, CA
KickPay A Marketplace For Buying And Selling Invoices W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Kickback Kickback lets you make money playing video games by betting on yourself. We take care of banning hackers, matching players and hosting games. W15 10-50 0 Sunnyvale, CA
LabDoor Quality-Tested Online Marketplace For Supplements. W15 1-10 1 San Francisco, CA
Level Custom photo frame creation, promising to sell frames at “half the price” of big box stores. W15 1-10 0 Brooklyn, NY
Luka Accepts natural language inputs to help users, for now, find the best food in San Francisco using artificial intelligence. You can also book reservations from inside the application W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Lully Device To Fix Sleep W15 1-10 3 San Francisco, CA
Lumi Put Your Logo On Anything W15 1-10 6 Los Angeles, CA
Magic The crazy-viral project from a few weeks back is one phone number — text it a request for anything (legal), and it'll respond with a cost for them to fulfill it. W15 10-50 3 Mountain View, CA
MashGin Self-Checkout Via Machine Vision W15 1-10 2 Palo Alto, CA
Meadow On-demand medical marijuana delivery app W15 1-10 1 San Francisco, CA
MetricWire Software for researchers conducting clinical trials W15 1-10 0 Kitchener, ON
Moltin Lets you easily add e-commerce functionality (think Shopping Carts) to a site with just a few lines of code. W15 1-10 5 Mountain View, CA
NexTravel NexTravel is a platform for companies to manage and streamline travel. W15 1-10 0 New York, NY
Nomiku An at-home sous-vide that clips onto your existing pot, with sous-vide ready meals shipped to your door W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Notable Labs Personalized Cancer Treatment W15 1-10 1 San Francisco, CA
Omniref Omniref is a code-based reference, maintained by and for the programming community. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Open Listings Self-Service Real Estate W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Outbound Helps companies communicate with customers through email or SMS all from one central hub. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Pachyderm Data analytics for Docker, helping companies fully utilize what containerization has brought to the technology space. W15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
Pakible Helps companies design and order their physical packaging online. Claims that it will ship 1 million units this month. W15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
Paperspace Your own personal computer living in the cloud. You access it through any browser. W15 1-10 0 Brooklyn, NY
Perceptiv Labs Has created physical technology that can be deployed to drones, helping them self-navigate. The company also intends to partner with drone OEMs to integrate its technology into new units before they're shipped. W15 1-10 2 Kitchener, ON
Pigeonly Pigeonly builds technology products for those who need it most, overlooked and underserved communities. We focus on solution driven technology products, some of which include inmate services and the underbanked. W15 10-50 2 Las Vegas, NV
Platzi Live streaming classes on design, marketing and code. We make online education effective. W15 10-50 0 Mountain View, CA
Pomello Uses algorithms to better determine when a potential hire will fit in at the hiring firm. The result of which is lower employee churn and, presumably, a happier workforce. W15 1-10 0 Redwood City, CA
Popular Pays “Decentralizes advertising” by helping brands coordinate with social influencers (Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, etc.) in advance. Influencers offer to tweet about something at a specific time/date and offer their ideas. Brands pick and choose which they like best. W15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
Pretty Instant On-Demand Event Photography. W15 1-10 1 Boston, MA
Priime Photo editing that recommends filters automatically. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
PushMarket Helps drive sales by automating email marketing to send “personalized” email at the “right time.” W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Raven Tech Project Flow combines apps like Yelp and Maps, to help people execute multi-step tasks using their voices. They want to build a “voice-based OS” W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Razorpay Razorpay helps businesses by providing a standardized payments gateway W15 1-10 0 Jaipur, India
ReSchedule ReSchedule Med provides an end-to-end work flow to manage graduate medical education scheduling. W15 1-10 0 New York, NY Helps companies that host APIs provide clean, simple documentation for developers. The firm is a bet predicated on sustained growth in the prevalence of APIs W15 1-10 2 San Francisco, CA
Remix Software To Run Cities W15 1-10 3 San Francisco, CA
Rescue Forensics Digitally Combatting The Child Sex Trade. W15 0 Texas, SC
SIRUM Redistributes surplus medication from pharmacies. Pharmacies donate their extra meds, and SIRUM gets it to those who need it at a lower cost. W15 10-50 1 Stanford, CA
Seed An online bank for small businesses W15 1-10 6 San Francisco, CA
Shift Messenger Shift Messenger is a service designed to help hourly workers know their shifts, trade shifts and stay in touch with their coworkers. W15 1-10 3 San Francisco, CA
ShiftLabs Low-Cost Medical Devices W15 1-10 1 Seattle, WA
SigOpt Helps to optimize everything from ad campaigns to shaving cream formulas W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Slidemail A smart email assistant. It skims your email for important information (meetings, flights) to set up reminders, and offers suggestions as to which emails it thinks you probably just want to archive and get out of the way. W15 1-10 1 San Francisco, CA
Smarking Enterprise SaaS For Parking W15 1-10 4 Cambridge, MA
SmartHires Helps founders make hires from recommendations made by other founders in their shared investors portfolio. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
SmartSpot Smart mirrors for gyms that analyze your form as you lift. 3D cameras track your body and provide guidance. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Spark Gift Stock Gift Giving. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Spire Wearable Breathing Tracker W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Spoil Personal gift concierge. You pick how much you're willing to spend on a gift; they buy it and send it. W15 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
Standard Cyborg 3D-Printed Prosthetics W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
TaskPipes Assists SaaS applications talk to one another by ensuring that data passed between various platforms is understandable by both. W15 1-10 0 London, UK
TeamNote Provides enterprise communications for companies that have people out in the field. W15 10-50 0 San Francisco, CA
Techlist AngelList For Asia. W15 50-200 17
TheMidGame Helping brands advertise through social media influencers. W15 1-10 0 Sunnyvale, CA
Trackin Food delivery software. Provides an online ordering system, an analytics dashboard for managers, and a mobile app for employees. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Transcriptic cloud-based biotech lab that tests experimental drugs using automated robots. W15 10-50 6 Menlo Park, CA
Treeline A platform that allows anyone to build a custom backend for their app without writing code. W15 1-10 0 Austin, TX
Underground Cellar Buy On-Demand Wine And Get Free Upgrades W15 10-50 0 San Francisco, CA
Valor Water Analytics Water Utility Analytics. W15 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Vanhawks An “operating system” for bikes. Handles things like health metrics and theft alerts. It built a bike as a proof of concept, sold $1.3 million worth. Will focus on licensing with bike manufacturers moving forward. W15 10-50 2 Toronto, ON
VetPronto On-demand Veterinarian House Calls. W15 1-10 1 San Francisco, CA
WayUp (Formerly Campus Job) Helps college students find part-time jobs and internships. W15 1-10 13 New York, NY
WorkLife A tool for making meetings more efficient, collaborative and effective W15 1-10 4 San Francisco, CA
Yhat A computing solution for data scientists. The company sits at the intersection of increasing market awareness of data science itself and cloud computing. W15 1-10 1 New York, NY
Zenflow Medical Device For Enlarged Prostate W15 1-10 0 Palo Alto, CA

50% to be added.

Name Jobs Product Tags Size Openings Location
Backpack Peer-to-peer import. Backpack is a company that arbitrages the cost of goods in different countries by using international travelers as a distribution network. S14 1-10 0 Mountain View, CA
Bannerman Bannerman is an on-demand bouncer service S14 10-50 1 San Francisco, CA
Bayes Impact Bayes Impact is a nonprofit that hooks data scientists up with civic and nonprofit organizations to solve big social impact challenges S14 1-10 1 San Francisco, CA
Bikanta Bikanta is using nanodiamonds to redefine medical imaging. Those nanodiamonds act as miniature flashlights that can be used to “shine light” on a number of medical problems, including the detection of cancer. S14 1-10 0 Newark, CA
BitAccess Building out a network of Bitcoin ATMs, with more than 30 currently in operation S14 1-10 3 Ottawa, ON
BlockScore ID verification, KYC/AML compliance done right. S14 1-10 4 Palo Alto, CA
Carlypso Carlypso helps people get the best car, at the best price, in a really simple way. S14 1-10 3 San Carlos, CA
Checkr Automated background screenings and driving records S14 10-50 7 San Francisco, CA
ClearTax ClearTax is designed for Individuals to prepare and file their Income Tax Returns in the shortest time while maximising their tax deductions. S14 10-50 13 New Delhi, India
Doblet The Doblet team is creating a network of portable batteries in restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. S14 1-10 4 San Francisco, CA
Fixed Fixed's mobile app helps you fight parking tickets S14 1-10 9 San Francisco, CA
Flynn Flynn is a single, open-source platform to help developers scale and deploy apps with git push and Docker containers. S14 1-10 0
Front The company describes its product as “a multi-player version of Gmail in a smart desktop app,” and so far it seems to be catching on. S14 1-10 5 San Francisco, CA
Ginkgo Bioworks Ginkgo Bioworks is a Boston-based startup that speeds up the process of genetically engineering and growing ingredients. S14 10-50 35 Boston, MA
GlowingPlant Creates technology for genetically engineering plants. S14 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Greentoe Greentoe is a name your price marketplace bringing market pricing to retail. S14 1-10 6 San Francisco, CA
HauteDay Gamified shopping site HauteDay applies the same addictive gaming mechanics to women's fashion. S14 1-10 0 Carlsbad, CA
Helion Helion says it is building the world's first commercial nuclear fusion reactor. S14 1-10 0 Redmond, WA (Formerly Ticketlabs) A platform that provides ways for artists to make more money off their concerts and sell directly to fans. S14 1-10 0 Waterloo, ON
Impraise A mobile app for offering feedback to coworkers. Impraise wants to replace today's system of using performance reviews. S14 1-10 4 Los Altos, CA
In Your Corner In your corner is dealing in mental health space, and is specifically aimed at women S14 1-10 0 New York, NY
Kash Kash is attempting to replace Visa and MasterCard's vast credit card networks S14 1-10 1 San Francisco, CA
Lawn Love Lawn Love is an online lawn service and care provider. S14 1-10 2 San Francisco, CA
ListRunner Service made to share patient information in a highly secure manner between authorized members of a clinical team– physicians, residents, interns, and medical students. S14 1-10 2 San Francisco, CA
LivBlends The Nespresso machine for smoothies. S14 1-10 3 San Francisco, CA
Parenthoods Parenthoods is a local community that provides parenting advice, tips, styles, and stories from real parents. S14 1-10 2 San Francisco, CA
Ravti Ravti provides software to manage HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) for commercial real estate. S14 1-10 0 Tampa, FL
San Francisco Open Exchange SFOX is a San Francisco-based bitcoin broker/dealer. They use proprietary algorithms to find the best price. S14 1-10 2 San Francisco, CA
Sliced Investing Sliced democratizes access to hedge funds. S14 1-10 1 San Francisco, CA
Theorem Marketplace for Independent Fashion S14 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Think Gaming Think Gaming helps mobile games find paying players through advertising. S14 1-10 0 New York, NY
Tiempo Tiempo provides a platform for helping freelancers to get paid instantly S14 1-10 0 Sunnyvale, CA
Unwind Me Unwind Me is a website that provides massaging and wellness services. S14 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Vizera Labs Vizera is a smart projection device that performs accurate projections on physical objects S14 1-10 0 Sunnyvale, CA
Walksource Hotel Guest Relocation and Distressed Passenger Accommodations S14 1-10 2 San Francisco, CA
Weave Weave is a mobile-based professional networking application to arrange meetings and friendly discussions. S14 1-10 0 San Francisco, CA
Zen99 Finance and insurance tools for independent contractors. S14 1-10 1 San Francisco, CA
uBiome uBiome gives you access to cutting edge DNA sequencing technology to understand your microbiome. S14 1-10 5 San Francisco, CA

Looking for older companies? At the later stages, Airbnb is still growing in a big way, and they have a healthily sized focus on culture. Stripe, Zenefits, Instacart, Mixpanel, Teespring, Optimizely, Coinbase, Docker, and Weebly are some other interesting mid-stage YC companies.

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